Credit Repair Reviews

updated for 2014

Do you have the latest techniques on how to Clear Collections & Remove Late Payments?

Below are the FOUR best reviewed programs ON THE WEB.

Credit Repair Magic

Rank: #1

Company: Credit Repair Magic
Website: www.CreditRepairMagic.com
$97.00 includes bonuses.
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Description: This is the easiest to follow program on the market.  Its not just an ebook.  Full of pages that you have to read over and over to understand and implement the system.  You actually have computer software that you install and can start using right away.  Don't let the cheesy video distract you from the actual system.  This is a good system to repair your credit.  Easy to understand and implement.  

"See how Credit Repair Magic works"

Scott Hilton's Credit Secret

Rank: #2

Company: Scott Hilton's Credit Secret
Website: www.creditsecret.org
Cost: $47.00 includes bonuses.
100% Money Back
Description: Credit Secret is chalk full of claims that it offers a credit repair secret never before revealed and at this time it's getting loads of reviews and raves regarding what it can accomplish for your credit. Every case is different but I we see it as a good rick. If the secret is not what can help your particular case, it's backed by a 60 money back guarantee. Plenty of time to try it figure out if it can help and if not get your money back.

"It's a Goofy Video but it is Very Informative"

Credit Repair Solution

Rank: #3

Company: Credit Repair Solution
Website: www.creditsolutionrepair.com
Cost: $69.97 includes bonuses.
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Description: No letters for you to write, no laws to understand, no complications whatsoever.  Developers of this system have over 20 years experience in the credit industry and have used all of their expertise to design a fool proof and simple method for people like you to repair their own credit, simply and quicklyDon't confuse BAD credit for NO credit.

Learn How To Repair your Credit Easily

Service levels fit each clients needs

24 Hour Credit Fix

Rank: #4

Company:  24 Hour Credit Fix
Website: www.24hrcreditfix.com
Cost: $47.00 Silver - includes bonuses -   $67.00 Gold - includes bonuses and support.
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Description: 24 Hour Credit Fix is also a good product.  It has a slightly different point of view being that the author was involved in the mortgage industry.  The bonuses are great but not specifically Credit Repair oriented.  None the less the program does provide what it sets out.  Basics on how to clear your credit.  Perhaps not in 24 hours but within a reasonable time frame.  It is the only system that offers email support with its Gold Package.

24 Hour Gold Package offers Email Support

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